Accountants’ Hall of Fame Still Waiting to Count Inductee Number One

320px-Analyzing_FINANCIAL_Data_(5099605109)A year after is opened in Gray Plains, Graytown, ND, the National Accountants’ Hall of Fame & Museum has yet to draft its first inductee.

The organization came close in January when John Graysmith agreed to become the inaugural inductee. Well known for his innovative use of allowable expenses, swashbuckling amortization style, and nail biting tax deadlines, Graysmith was about to be officially admitted when he tragically passed away.

“It was very disappointing. We had planned an amazing ceremony including a live tax audit and a black tie karaoke night,” said Gray Grayson, curator of the Accountants’ Hall of Fame & Museum.

The search continues, and Grayson is hopeful that the first name of a superstar accountant will be on the organization’s balance sheet soon.

“We might induct John Graysmith anyway since it probably won’t make much difference that he is no longer with us,” he said.

Photo: Wikimedia

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