Actor Who Believes We Are All Possessed By Alien Souls Mispronounced a Name On TV

Oscar fans all over the world are rushing to make fun of actor John Travolta for mispronouncing singer Idina Menzel’s name before her Academy Awards performance of ‘Let It Go’ from the movie Frozen. Travolta instead pronounced her name as “Adele Dazeem.”


Almost immediately, the internet pounced, ridiculing the man who believes that the remnants of alien souls known as “thetans” inhabit our bodies because he misspoke when saying a difficult name. The actor who credits the work of the man responsible for “Battlefield Earth” as being the sole reason for his success in life was so ridiculous for saying a name wrong!

“He had the name right there in front of him!” said incredulous Oscar-watcher Hank Probst about Travolta, who believes that a space ruler named Xenu from 75 million year ago is responsible for all of the confusion in our daily lives, because he shipped his alien population to earth and blew them up with volcanoes and nuclear bombs, causing their souls to infect the bodies of early humans. ”He still couldn’t pronounce the name correctly!” Probst continued in rebuking the actor who has given countless millions to a shady organization in order to clear himself of invisible alien souls. ”There’s nothing more ridiculous in this world than an inability to consistently and accurately read a name aloud on camera!”

There is now even a name generator on the internet where you can create your own “Travoltified” name to make fun of the absolute silliest thing about this man… his pronunciation of a woman’s name. Not the fact that he believes that alien souls inhabit our bodies and cause mental confusion. It’s that he got confused while reading a name aloud…wait…confusion…maybe it is true after all? Maybe John Travolta is right and the rest of us are wrong?

Maybe ‘Let it Go’ was performed by Adele Dazeem?

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      BTW, Adela Dazeem has a new Twitter account!

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