Are you sure, Netflix?

We want our imaginary kids to grow up to be well adjusted mockers so we like to put on Sesame Street. Having said that, there’s only so much puppet watching you can watch so we decided to look for something a little different but similar to Kermit & Co. Now I’m not the type of dude who openly questions Netflix but I truly believe that I have every right to, in this instance:


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6 thoughts on “Are you sure, Netflix?”

  1. Okay, not only is that HILARIOUS…………..but it’s a great way to start young parents on the road to proper discipline. See this is why I don’t have Netflix, or Bon Jovi albums.

    1. We’re all about proper discipline and that’s why the imaginary kids are sent to imaginary bed if whey even mumble a word that the Jovi use in their lyrics. We call it tough-love.

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