Did North Korea Hack Sony?

kim-jong-unThis week Sony Pictures was the victim of a major cyber attack by a group calling themselves Guardian of Peace. Upon hearing this, my first thought was “If they’re a group why is it Guardian and not Guardians?” It’s a good thing they’re better at hacking than they are at grammar.

The group took over the studio’s computers forcing them to shut down email as well as other systems. They also pirated five of the studio’s movies—some of which haven’t been released yet—including Fury and the upcoming remake of Annie and uploaded them to a torrent site.

One of the suspects is North Korea. The country is upset over Sony’s upcoming Seth Rogen comedy The Interview because it is about TV tabloid reporters who are recruited by the CIA to assassinate their leader Kim Jong-un.

If North Korea is indeed the perpetrator of this heinous cyber crime, I think we need to worry. If they’re willing to unleash the new Annie movie on us for free, they’re a bigger threat than we realized.





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4 thoughts on “Did North Korea Hack Sony?”

  1. If this is the only thing that the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is accused of this week, he’ll be doing well!

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