Eight Lines Of Gray


You know how it gets at the end of a long, cross-country flight. You’re too tired to read and you’ve already watched a movie. So you fiddle with the seat settings or page through a Sky Mall magazine. Maybe you look at the emergency exit latch and think about pulling it just for fun (“See, I wasn’t lying, I am able and qualified to perform the duties…”).

This happened on my last flight home. I reached my point of desperation after finishing the Sky Mall for the second time. I was tired and all out of magazines. So I was just looking around. And I noticed that the lady next to me was reading off of a Kindle. So out of sheer boredom I glanced down at her reading device.

You’ve probably seen how the font size and line spacing can be adjusted on those things. This lady had her text zoomed way up. She probably had eight lines with big fat letters filling the entire screen. They were large enough for me to read with my head still facing forward but my eyes glancing down to the left. So in my state of utter boredom I looked down and read:

“She grabbed my crotch, squeezed it, and in a deep, husky voice barked ‘Take me! Now!!”

I turned away and pretended to look out the window. I laughed silently, feeling like a sleazy voyeur, a Literary Peeping Tom. But I gave the lady credit. She was still able to read at the seventh hour, probably because her book was a lot more interesting than mine. And she wasn’t gonna find a hot story like that in some in-flight magazine. Trust me, I know – I submitted a similar story to the Alaska Airlines in-flight magazine and never heard back. Even with the main character being a pilot.

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6 thoughts on “Eight Lines Of Gray”

  1. It’s good to finally find out that my lost, unfinished novel has finally turned up somewhere.

  2. LMAO! The visual I get from imagining you with your head straight and just your eyes looking to the left cracks me up! It’s hard to spy in a sneaky way,I applaud you.
    P.S. I love Sky Mall.

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