Giving Thanks the “HO” Way

By: LadyDragonflyCC – >;<

We at HumorOutcasts also known as “HO”

Want to send our Thanksgiving greetings before we all go

And celebrate with turkey, cranberry sauce and, of course, pie

And melt into the sofa with one loud, overstuffed sigh


Thanks to our writers—your talent makes me explode with glee

Thanks to our readers—without you we would not be

Thanks to Alexa for constantly screwing up our ranking

Thanks to the third party ads who give me hope with my banking


Thanks to Frankie and Lulu who love me to read the posts aloud

They definitely sit and listen and for that I am proud

Thanks to the talented authors of HOPress

May your books be bestsellers—our goal is for no less


Thanks to the Very Funny Women on Facebook—who now I am honored to lead

Thanks for allowing me to share your work, you all are amazing to read

Finally, thanks for understanding the importance of a smile

A much better world, if each day we laughed out loud for awhile

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19 thoughts on “Giving Thanks the “HO” Way”

  1. HO, HO Gobble, Gobble!! Happy Thanksgiving Donna and Ed from the Websterville Farm and Tavern!

  2. Warm wishes to you and your family Donna and to all you funny folks who have jumped into this amazing adventure. It’s fun. You’re all fun, and I’m so thankful to be a small part of the trip! Happy Thanksgiving from Noah and Mary!

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