Historically Unpopular US Congress Scores Top Ranking in Global Study

CongressThe US Congress has been ranked as the planet’s number one dead zone in a new scientific study.

Dead zones are places where nothing happens and no life exists. Previously, the Kakunda Cavern Lake in Kenya, a vast underground lake that has not seen the light of day for millions of years, was the top ranked dead zone. The lake “is a hive of activity” compared to the US Congress, according to the scientists.

The study is updated annually by the Agency for the Study of Inactivity based in Static, NV. The organization uses satellite imagery to measure rates of activity across the world.

This year’s top five dead zones are listed below.

  1. US Congress
  2. Kakunda Cavern
  3. Gulf of Mexico BP Deepwater Horizon spill zone
  4. Rick Perry’s cerebral cortex
  5. Luxembourg



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