Hungry and Holy

We recently had one of our many discussions about stuff. Jill Y thinks that people have lost track of the teachings of Confucius and any grasp of ethical goodness. I didn’t understand anything she said and had the theme tune from Batman in my head for about an hour, while she said lots of big words. I know she mentioned something about religion and fast food but I think I fell asleep at that stage. When I woke up, this picture was on the table and I felt both hungry and holy:


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10 thoughts on “Hungry and Holy”

  1. I love the fact that the Batman theme crept into your head. I hear it every time Mr. Deb does something stupid. But more importantly, can he change McCafe drinks in to wine?

    1. If Batman or indeed Mr. Deb can change McCafe drinks into wine, I’ll join a Bon Jovi tribute band!

  2. Over 600 million saved but likely as many or more eradicated for choosing the other gods. Now there’s a fair and balanced assessment that even Roger Ailes would appreciate

    1. Now I don’t know who Roger Ailes is but his surname is an anagram of “Aisle”! Coincidence, I think not!

    1. I was going to post a tweet about Batman, well it wasn’t really about Batman. Let me gauge some opinion on this. I was going to tweet:

      “One more time then: Hatred is what I have for Bon Jovi and Heath Ledger was only in one Batman movie”.

      Now I think that it’s funny but you know the way people are people?

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