Motorcycle Jagoff

Ok, before ya call me an anti-motorcycle Jagoff, here are a few things:

1) I don’t do motorcycles (too many days in EMS scraping riders up off the pavement) but I am not like an ex-smoker that berates ya if you have one

2) I do believe in helmets, (too many days in EMS scraping riders up off the pavement) but its your choice not mine

3) I do believe that there are a lot of Jagoff riders out there but there are just as many car driving jagoffs that don’t know how to function when they see a motorcycle in traffic

If you’re in a car on your cell phone, and you start talking with your hands or reach over to put your turn signal on, you can at least steer with your knees! Not sure WHAT ya do on a motorcycle in this instance.  All that I know is, this guy’s about as UNPROTECTED as Charlie Sheen in a roomful of hookers with oozing sores.

So Mr. Motorcycle guy, before ya get yourself into one of those “Slide-your-motorcycle-under-another-the-front-of-a-car-Get-full-body-length-road-rash-and-Come-close-to-separating-your-head-from-the-rest-of-your-body-Scaring-the-@$$@#-out-of-other-drivers” accidents, HANG UP THAT PHONE!  Winning Lady Gaga tickets from your favorite radio staiton isn’t THAT important,  YA JAGOFF!!!!

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7 thoughts on “Motorcycle Jagoff”

  1. It could be worse: He could be drunk while talking on a cell phone while riding a motorcycle without a helmet. I dropped out of EMS before cell phones became comfortable, but I’m sure that happens.

  2. Maybe instead of traffic tickets police should give out “stupidity” tickets, and post pictures of the perpetrator on the front page of the local newspaper.

  3. You obviously don’t understand Lady Gaga! I’d bite down on a file and let someone rip out my teeth to get those tix! This is a great piece. If you’ll excuse me I need to go treat my sores now.

  4. Tell me the guy snapping a picture with his cell phone while driving behind the motorcycle Jagoff wasn’t you!

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