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I scare people. It isn’t because I’m a scary person but when the inevitable happens and the inevitable will happen and people compare themselves to me, it makes them feel bad about themselves. This is perfectly understandable because I am perfect and nobody else is. To try to eradicate this most perplexing of perpetuating problems, I’ve created an email address where I’ll respond to people’s countless inadequacies and tell them they’re never going to be as good as me but that it’s okay to be second best. The email address is:

I’m not going to promise to get back to everyone because I’ll be too busy being awesome. Speaking of being awesome, there is but one thing better than googling yourself:


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15 thoughts on “One Awesome Read”

  1. If you want to show the world how perfectly humble you are in your perfect perfection, publish your autobiography on Kindle instead of in hardcover.

    1. I don’t think the world is quite ready for the Y autobiography yet. The day everyone chills out with Joyce’s Ulysses is the day that that happens and that will also be the day the world knows about the REAL story behind the Bon Jovi hatred!!!!!!!!

    1. I just can’t really imagining that happening to me but then again, if I did, I doubt if I would even notice!

    1. Not only should that be a section in a bookstore, it should be a library in a bigger library!

  2. Damn, I tried to get that same email address and they said it was taken . . . thanks Bill Y! 😉

    1. I don’t have one, and I’m working really hard to be as perfect as Bill Y.

      1. Not many people get there Kathy and it’s not a reflection of the people, it’s a reflection of the Y brilliance!

    2. Well, I didn’t want to share this but our wallpaper is made of the same stuff!

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