People Magazine Awards Show Spawn Other Magazine Award Shows?

People Magazine will now be hosting its own award show on TV.  The magazine will be handing out trophies to celebrities (you know…because they don’t get enough adulation…ever) in various categories including: Biggest Phenomenon of 2014, the year’s Most Popular Person, the Most Stylish Person, Funniest Person and of course, the coveted Sexiest Woman of 2014.

I’m not a big fan of award shows, but this one got me thinking.  If People Magazine has its own show, why can’t other magazines have a show?  Hey, they could use a boost on national TV, so here are my suggestions for other awards shows that might just catch on.


Good_housekeeping_1908_08_aThe Good Housekeeping Awards Show:  Already a veteran on the award scene with its Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, Good Housekeeping TV awards show could include prizes for:  Best Kitchen tools, Best recipes, Best mother/career woman, Best Stay-at-Home Mom, and so Good Housekeeping can prove they understand the world of the internet, they could give out a Mommy Blogger Award.  Ooh, and let’s not forget The Best Sad Story about Disease and Misfortune Award.  The person who earns this puppy gets interviewed by not only OPRAH, but the chicks on “The View.” This is my pick for the award show most likely to return for a second season.

Playboy Magazine Awards Show: I know what you are thinking: Bunnies.  Well, this will be on primetime and NOT cable, so it won’t be a show focusing on nudity. You can see the bunnies anytime on other channels. So, this award is going to focus on what the magazine readers have been telling us for decades. The highest honor for this show will be BEST ARTICLE OF THE YEAR because as we all know men only get this publication for the articles, so why not finally award their literary tastes.  Okay, we can compromise and have the bunnies hand out all the awards. TV is a visual medium, so why not take advantage of showing off what you got?


Popular Mechanics Award Show:  This show is a shoo-in for big ratings. You can have the stars of The Big Bang Theory host, and the awards will highlight the best inventions of the year with the biggest prize going to the most ridiculous gadget created that has no practical purpose and only sells during the holidays when it is featured in some geek catalogue.

The Cosmo Awards Show:  This will take off where Playboy ends.  In other words, what would be a Cosmo Awards Show without sex?  This might have to air on HBO so the members of Family Television Council don’t all have strokes at the same time.  So, the top prizes for this show will include the best articles for: Finding her G-spot in Under 30 Seconds; The Largest Number of “O” Moments in a Row; The Favorite Toy to Dazzle your Partner AND the obligatory women’s magazine article- How to Get a Rockin’ Beach Body in under Three Weeks Diet

By: Dplanet::

US News & World Report Show:  Pay attention if you want to see this show because it will last only 28 seconds and there will be only one category: The Article Most Likely to Cure Insomnia.  Pretty much it will result in a tie, and the entire magazine staff will win.  


With these additions to Award Season on TV, how can we not be entertained?

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14 thoughts on “People Magazine Awards Show Spawn Other Magazine Award Shows?”

  1. I’m very disturbed that rags like the Enquirer aren’t in the running. Who doesn’t like made up stories about aliens and celebrities who shun fame and fortune by pretending they’re dead?

  2. Why do I have the terrifying feeling that somewhere in this world, a tv channel exists that shows awards shows only?

  3. Brill! It won’t be long before every man, woman, child, pet, and institution will have an award for something or other. While we’re at it, how about “Biggest Jerk,” “Most Abusive husband/wife/in-law,” “LEAST Talented”? The good news: I don’t plan to be around. I agree, bring back cartoons! Wouldn’t you love to stay in bed and watch Rocky & Bullwinkle? I would.

  4. First, a disclaimer, I am a People Magazine addict. But even I was disturbed by the People Magazine Awards. Awards for being in People is basically an award for being A People. Mostly some stranger is taking their pic as they walk down the street. So that awards show may be a bigger snooze than the Popular Mechanics, which I would watch because it says Popular in it and so it must be good.Great post, Donna!

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