Please hold your applauds, I’m merely an average genius, nothing more, nothing less.

Einstein proved that the rate of Bon Jovi hatred inside the average genius is expanding at the rate of Bon Jovi hatred inside my head, ipso facto – I’m an average genius. I know I challenge your perceptions. I know I make you think when you may not necessarily want to think but if I didn’t do it, who would? I could promise to stop but I will not. Raise a glass of carbonated soft drink and share a toast with me as Pepsi is dead – Long Live Coca-Cola:



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10 thoughts on “Please hold your applauds, I’m merely an average genius, nothing more, nothing less.”

  1. I never thought I see the words genius and Bon Jovi in the same post. You are truly an average genius Bill Y!

    1. Thanks Deb, a dude in m my position strives for the average and just the mere thought of one day getting there is enough to keep me going!

    1. Thanks so much Mary, that’s just about the highest praise I could have hoped for.

  2. The convolutions of your average genius mind are amazing. You can start out with Bon Jovi and end up with Coca-Cola, all in one paragraph. Now THAT takes real talent!

    1. I used to teach drama in 7 of my 14 Eastern European countries and the only thing I encouraged was imagination. If I ever have a non-imaginary son, I’ll teach him the same.

    1. I know Tom, I think I’ll have to write some nonsense tomorrow, I don’t want to get a reputation!

  3. So, I used to worry that it was the beer in the pubs that gave you your “genius” but now I think it was Coca-cola or Pepsi. No matter what you take in, the Bon Jovi hatred comes out! HA HA

    1. Ah Don Don’s, one of these days I’ll tell you the REAL story behind the Bon Jovi hatred. For now, all I can say is that it’s massively unbelievable!

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