“Snake Salvation” Not Picked Up for Second Season

The National Geographic Channel has decided not to pick up “Snake Salvation” for another season. A spokesman for the channel stated that they’ve chosen to go in another creative direction and wish the show’s star, Pentecostal pastor Jamie Coots, all the best in his future endeavors. He pointed to the channel’s longstanding policy of airing shows with actual living people.

Why did it have to be snakes?

The pastor and his followers have said that as long as they believe, the Holy Spirit will protect them from any poisonous snake venom with which they might come into contact. After a Saturday night poisonous snakebite proved fatal for the pastor, the Holy Spirit was immediately reached for comment.

“Hey man, I’ve protected these idiots for years, even though I’ve told them to leave the damn snakes alone. ‘How about puppies?’ I asked. Anyway, I sleep in ONE day, and all of a sudden it’s MY fault!”

The National Geographic Channel has not chosen a replacement show as of publish time.

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