Some people are really good at getting their point across.

Every couple of years, after Jill Y and I have saved enough monies, we can afford to eat out. An amazing time is had as we both eat as well as drink in the same location. Our last outing was going really well until Jill Y’s food arrived massively undercooked. Not one to complain, we called on our friend Gordon to say words:


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6 thoughts on “Some people are really good at getting their point across.”

  1. Gordon must have a real beef with that restaurant!

    (I’ll leave the room now. Please don’t hurt me.)

    1. We have Gordon on speed-dial. It’s a shame we only get to call him every couple of years!

  2. That was a-moo-zing. See what I did there, under-cooked beef, moo . . . okay, back in the corner I go.

    1. I certainly did see what you did there and I massively applauded. You have have earned yourself a free corner pass for a year with this little gem!

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