The Big Picture

I’ve offended religions, races, sexes, minorities, majorities and several people who Janis Joplin sang about in her songs with music and lyrics and melody and rhythm. This creates its own set of problems. What if I offend one particular group but forget to offend another? How will the non-offended group sleep at night, thinking that they’re not as relevant as another group? These are the things I think about as I strive to become an equal opportunity offender. I think my deaf uncle said it best when he said “what?”. I hope to continue to offend en masse but right now, it’s time to look at the big picture:


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8 thoughts on “The Big Picture”

    1. If I could afford that car, I wouldn’t even be thinking of filing for bankruptcy!

  1. I called hubby Pete over to read your post and he replied, “What?” I was laughing so hard because he kept saying “What?” Finally reading it he said, “Brilliant!” Hubby and you gave me a good belly laugh. Thanks Bill!

    1. Methinks you and hubby Pete should post more often because Bill Y likes that sense of humor.

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