The Process of Becoming Happy – Parts 1 – 11.

I had no beard so I was unhappy.

What was I to do to?

Stuff, I had to do stuff.

That’s what I had to do.


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6 thoughts on “The Process of Becoming Happy – Parts 1 – 11.”

  1. Just take a whole bunch of products normally associated with testosterone and apply them to the right spot, and you have hair, right?

    You have a potential cure for baldness and you’ve been keeping it a secret all this time? Shame, shame, everybody knows your name!

    1. Ah I’ve just been waiting for the right time to lay it on the world, that’s all.

    1. No probs Miss Stache, just scroll to the end of the picture, scroll up and carry out the instructions in reverse. You’re welcome.

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