Arts and Crafty Criminals

In the news, hackers have yet again targeted Michaels craft stores obtaining credit card and personal customer information. This is the second time the crafty hackers have attacked their computer systems. The same day at a local Michaels store a man was arrested for using a fake credit card.  He was overheard telling police, “It was easy! I made counterfeit credit cards from poster board, glitter stick and laminated them with mod podge.  Investigators are still on the lookout for two other men who held up a Michaels store. Stating, “They should be easy to identify because they are wearing tie-dyed masks and carrying money bags bedazzled with dollar symbols on them.”


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4 thoughts on “Arts and Crafty Criminals”

    1. That’s right Donna. They would have gotten away with it if they didn’t use modeling clay for bullets, crafty buggers!!

  1. This type of carry on would not happen in Bill Y’s Craft Stores because they would be called Bill Y’s Crafty Stores.

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