The similarity between Bill Y and Will Y

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself. You know its wrong and you tell yourself its wrong but you don’t listen to yourself and then you wonder why you’re talking to yourself in the first place. The first time I spoke to Scurvy Jane was the first time that she told me that I reminded her of her ex boyfriend. This scared me. If there was someone out there like me, I feared for his safety and sanity. I just had to meet this guy, shake his hand and tell him how much of a legend he obviously was. A couple of weeks later, I eventually met Will Y and we were as different as a documentary about hamster sweat and a documentary about the 1972 Volkswagen Beetle. We did however have one thing in common. We both knew we shouldn’t touch Scurvy Janes’ mug but we just couldn’t help it:



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6 thoughts on “The similarity between Bill Y and Will Y”

  1. She has reindeer on her mug, and she’s concerned about PEOPLE touching it? 😉

    Okay. I’ll get my coat and leave.

    1. Don’t go Kathy. The scurvy one has a Swedish background so she sees nothing unusual in having a reindeer mug at all, at all.

  2. The sign is asking for the mug to be touched. In fact I have the urge to touch it right now . . . I just did!

    1. Deborah Martin-Webster, you have a rebellious streak running right through you and you’ll get nothing but respect from Bill Y because of it!

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