7 thoughts on “What emails and my waistline have in common”

  1. I have an ever-expanding waistline, but I’m very good about deleting emails that I don’t have to keep.

    I don’t like Skittles very much, but I can eat M&Ms by the bowlful, which probably explains why I seem to be half in and half out of this number management thing.

    1. I think I overdosed on M&Ms a few years ago. It wasn’t a pretty time, although my vomit was rainbow colored, so I guess that’s the silver lining in all of that. (And red, and blue, and green….)

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Boy, you’re preaching to the choir here. I have problems with both of those. My email is so full, it’s always just about to start bouncing new emails. My waistline is so full it’s already bouncing all over the place.
    Some foreigner at a toga party once said, “Nosce te Ipsum,” know thyself. He also said, “Nosce te skittlium,” know thy skittles.

    So you see…um…there it is…

    I rest my case.

    1. I’m thinking of getting “Nosce te skittlium” tattoed on my body. It’s a very inspirational quote and a way to ensure I will always have Skittles with me…even if it’s just on my forearm.

      And don’t worry if your email is so full it starts bouncing new ones. That’s just a great way to ensure you don’t get any new emails! It’s the perfect set up!

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