Black and Blue Dress Mystery Solved

Untitled-12Is it black and blue?  Is it gold and white?  It’s neither. It’s blurry and gray through my tear drenched eyes hoping it has reached its 15-minutes of social media fame!  However, in my mind’s eye I see it set ablaze and burning.

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12 thoughts on “Black and Blue Dress Mystery Solved”

  1. Whatever color it is, it’s a hideous looking garment that SHOULD be burned. LOL!

    1. I’m with you Bill Y! It took me less time to decide on my wedding gown!!

    1. Sounds like a plan to me Diane! We could use the book Fifty Shades of Grey as a fire starter.

    1. LOL thanks Maura, the dress’s 15-minutes of fame is quickly counting down . . . 3 . . 2. . . 1 . . POOF, gone! Now I can concentrate on my Buzzfeed quiz to find out if Teens Think I’m Cool!

    1. I believe you’re right Donna, lol! Samaya saw black and blue I still saw white and gold. She then said it was because I was old and blind. I told her we’re having homemade lasagna for dinner and she’s having peanut butter and jelly, but if she tilted it just right it would look like lasagna . . .

    1. I agree Linda. Perhaps the dress is made of Llama hair and that’s why they were trying to escape?

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