Things Are Changing So Fast


I doubt that humans and chimpanzees knew what was happening five million years ago. Humans were pulling ahead due to the benefits of harnessing fire and the group-bonding advantages of dick jokes. But neither group knew what was really going on. Evolution was just working away while its subjects walked around in a fog.

Recent developments suggest that something similar is happening today. Think about these two big trends — fertility treatments and same-sex marriage. The first IVF baby was born in 1978. And the industry has advanced so rapidly that the UK just approved laws allowing the creation of babies from three people (and you thought having two parents was hard). Similarly, Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage in 2004 and just over a decade later Alabama became the 37th state where it’s legal (could you imagine your state getting there after Alabama? Totally embarrassing).

But now consider this. The data is all over the place, but the divorce rate has remained pretty high since the 1970’s. And according to a 2014 New York Times article, since 1970, each group of young adults has been less likely to marry than the previous generation. Throw in the depressing regularity of news stories where some straight guy wipes out himself and his family, and what’s the obvious conclusion?

Yup, that evolution is hard at work once again. It’s leaving heterosexual marriage behind like some not-up-to-the-task chimp and favoring same-sex marriage. It’s moving toward greater success. And like a paw giving way to the opposable thumb, hetero-marriage is being selected against.

Things are moving fast. In a short time-span guys like me will only be useful as sperm donors. But I’m okay with that. I could use the money.

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