Don’t Worry, We Have A Plan


The Supreme Court is hearing a case that could upend the Affordable Care Act. If the court strikes down subsidies used by people in states with federally run exchanges, an estimated 7.5 million people could lose their health coverage.

But just like with the government shutdown that Ted Cruz spearheaded in 2013, this shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Why? Because Cruz has a backup plan in case the ACA gets gutted. Ted Cruz is known for doggedly pursuing fixes, just like a junkie does. His proposed plan involves allowing people to purchase health insurance across state lines.

Here’s how it would work. You go to one of four states: California, Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas. Then you walk across the state line into Mexico. And once there, you purchase your health care. It’s totally affordable and free of meddling by the bureaucrats in D.C.

Just remember to make sure they sterilize the instruments.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, We Have A Plan”

  1. Oh Ted Cruz…of course, HIS health insurance that we are paying for is never in any kind of jeopardy. Perhaps we could send him on a fact finding mission to Mexico and then use Forrest’s idea up above?

  2. In other words, all the “illegals” AND the uninsured – get the hell back across the border. Now quick, lock the doors and build the fence higher!

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