Everybody Knows

So I said I need a serious haircut and of course the mocking began; “why can’t you get a haircut with a sense of humor” said comedian # 1; “why so serious” said Batman’s foe and “never mind a haircut, a head transplant is what you need” said she, who I refused to marry due to her over reliance of head transplant jokes. I tried to sleep the whole thing off but my recurring nightmare refused to let go. I ALWAYS get the last slice of pizza and that’s something that everybody knows:


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2 thoughts on “Everybody Knows”

  1. He: “Will you accept this slice of pizza-ring? It’s the ideal marriage of crust, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.”

    She: “Ullk. Pizza makes my stomach churn. I’ve gotta run. I have a previous engagement.”

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