FOX News Viewers Express Outrage Over Brian Williams Stealing FOX News Trademark of Lying

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Recently NBC anchor Brian Williams was called out  when he embellished a story of his reporting in Iraq back in 2003.  Williams claimed he was on board a military helicopter when it was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade (rpg) only to have his story reputed by the pilot of that helicopter who didn’t recall the NBC reporter on board his craft.

This falsehood brought instant reactions from FOX viewers who claim Williams used a standard FOX news strategy to deceive viewers.  “My FOX network may alter the facts to push my buttons”  one supporter of the right-wing station stated, “but that’s their right and for NBC or any other liberal media source to do the same is to infringe upon FOX’s patented method of reporting.”

It could be that Williams was trying to get a share of the nearly 34% of FOX regulars to switch brands by employing a method that has found FOX viewers to be the most poorly informed news viewers in the U.S.   “If I wanted to be lied to”, Roger Swornhog declared, “I wouldn’t get the distortions I crave from those lefty, socialist networks at NBC, ABC, CBS or PBS.  They leave too much fact and truth in their reports to satisfy my fantasies”

Both Williams and the NBC brass have apologized for Williams’ misrepresentation of the facts to which Swornhog responded by saying, “FOX would never wimp out like that if caught in such a bald-faced lie.”   Mr. Swornhog was reminded that just recently the Rupert Murdoch owned network had to apologize after one of their guest told FOX’s Jeanine Pirro earlier this month that Muslim “no-go zones” existed in England, Sweden, Germany and France.

Yea, well it couldn’t have been too big a lie” Swornhog retorted, “because it didn’t even make page one in my daily newspaper here in Podunck, Georgia

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