Happy Thanksgiving From HO!

Frankie and Lulu thanksgivingAlthough our writers and readers come from far and near

And Thanksgiving is not everyone’s day

We wanted to tell you that you are all so dear

And you brighten our lives in every way

We are indeed grateful for all you do

Grateful how you make us giggle and roar

Grateful that HO is all about joy

And not another site filled with depressing bore

This poem was composed by Frankie and LuLu authors of A Canine’s Guide to the Good Life. They are also our eternal interns. ( They refused to wear their pilgrim hats.)


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5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From HO!”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to Donna and everyone here. Thanks for giving me a place to learn, grow, spread my wings and get some laughs!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I did a French version of the turkey, “Canard aux pommes” (Apple duck) today in the French countryside. I didn’t know you had such cute interns, Donna:)

  3. I give thanks for you, Donna, and for HumorOutcasts.com, a place where I can play with so many very funny friends.

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