Q. What’s better than Elton John? A. No Elton John.

This just proves what I’ve always known.
I’m gonna have to learn math if I want to be funny.


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6 thoughts on “Q. What’s better than Elton John? A. No Elton John.”

    1. (Bill Y, you make it hard to tweet some of your posts because they have such long titles! 😉 I had to delete the title and just tweet the link.)

      1. Thank you so much for even considering tweeting my nonsense. I don’t deserve such kindness at all, at all. I’ve no idea what the title of a post is going to be until I get to posting and the first thing that pops into the Y head, becomes the title.

  1. Bill Y, you are de-FINITE-ly already funny. That’s something we can always count on. Even your odd posts are funny. In fact, the odds are in your favor. You always zero in on the heart of the humor. But if you added math skills into the equation, you might be able to multiply the laughs you’re getting exponentially. It seems to me you might be able to get 1000 times as many, a million times as many, or might even be able to double the laughs—but then I’m not really an expert in geology.

    Good luck in your studies, and please keep me posted on the aftermath.

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