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Do Lutheran Hunks coverThis week, Paul De Lancey visited HumorOutcasts Radio to talk about his new book Do Lutheran Hunks Eat Mushrooms? (HOPress).  We are happy to announce that the official launch date is Monday, June 8th, but we are releasing the link for the book today.  The book is available in paperback and kindle . And this is how the story begins…

A grocery store can’t expect repeat business if its checkers unleash Armageddon. This truism governs Debbie Devil, dedicated supermarket checker and horny, estranged wife of Satan. Debbie sets her sights on Joe Thorvald, a God-fearing, Lutheran. If she can get him to eat a mushroom his soul and his hunky body will be hers.

Paul De Lancey’s cookbook, “Eat Me, 169 Fun Recipes From All Over the World” and his novels, “Beneficial Murders,” “The Fur West,” and “We’re French and You’re Not,” have won acclaim from award-winning authors.

Paul is also the writer of hilarious articles and somewhat drier ones in Economics. Dr. De Lancey Paul DeLanceyobtained his Doctorate in Economics from the University of Wisconsin. His thesis, “Official Reserve Management and Forecasts of Official Reserves,” disappears from bookstore shelves so quickly that most would-be purchasers can never find it in stock.

The humorist is a direct descendant of the great French Emperor Napoleon. Actually, that explains a lot of things. Paul ran for President of the United States in 2012! Woo hoo! On the Bacon & Chocolate ticket. Estimates of Bacon & Chocolate’s share of the votes range from 3 to 1.5% of the total .El Candidato also lost a contentious campaign to be El Presidente of Venezuela. Paul also competed in the 2013 International Bento Competition.  You can read Paul’s work on where he is our resident comic chef and his own blog. You can follow him on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter as well.

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Paul De Lancey

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