In My World.

In my world, Jill Y has been using words like “growing up” and “accepting responsibility” lately. I’m not exactly sure how it happened but it got me thinking and then I had a few beers and forgot about it and then she brought it up again and it got me thinking again. In order for Jill Y to, eh, continue making me happy, I have to stop looking up to Thirsty Dave and start thinking about a suitable role model. I asked if we could put Thirsty Dave in a suit and apparently I was missing the point or something. So I’ve been looking for someone to look up to and I think I might have just scooped the jackpot:


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8 thoughts on “In My World.”

  1. That would be me, too, if I were a man, which I’m not. I do like beer, though, and I prefer to avoid fights. 😉

  2. If you can keep your head when all about you / Are losing theirs . . . / . . . you’ll be a Man, Bill Y!

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