Some people claim that Ben Carson isn’t really running for president, but rather is simply building a brand which allows him to sell things. They point to the fact that Carson is taking time off from his campaign to do a book tour. These people (who are obviously closet racists) also say that Carson made false claims to boost his image, such as claiming that he once received a scholarship to West Point.

In his book Grifted Hands Carson writes that he had a “pathological temper” as a kid. For example, he tried to attack his mother with a hammer and once tried to stab someone when he was 14. CNN sent reporters to talk to people who were Carson’s friends and neighbors during this time. Each and every one said that he was always a calm, easygoing, bookish young guy who never expressed anger or engaged in violence.

See what’s happening here? These people are STILL scared of him after all these years. No one wants to cross him, even now. It’s just like how you’d be hard pressed to find a Syrian willing to say something bad about Bashar al-Assad on the record.

If you can still scare people after 50 years, you must’ve been one badass teenager. The hammer and knife attacks were obviously the result of a violent kid just trying to decide whether he’d be a carpenter or a surgeon when he grew up. Some people think Ben is carsonogenic. But he’s obviously a truthful and legitimate candidate.

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4 thoughts on “#IStandWithBen”

  1. Strange how he seems to be saying he evolved as he grew up, but doesn’t believe in evolution.

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