Netflix and Chill.

This has not been my most creative day. It hurts more than pain to admit that there are people in the world who sometimes fluke their way into coming up with an idea that I would have eventually come up with, if I was just left alone in a world without Bon Jovi. First I found out that all those years of learning voodoo didn’t work when Jon Jovi’s vocal chords continued to sonically assault society. Then I found out that becoming the Patron Saint of Mockers wasn’t on the cards due to the technicality of having to be dead before you can become a saint. At least Jill Y’s mother is happy so that’s a thing.


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4 thoughts on “Netflix and Chill.”

    1. Living on a prayer…

      No, I’m outta here. Bill Y ain’t getting involved in this 😉

  1. I’d say your lessons HAVE paid off since you perform magic every day. They have obviously helped you
    to do
    that voodoo
    that you do
    so well.

    And congratulations to Walter and Esther on 53 years of togetherness. Love those pearly whites, Esther. You kids oughta get married!

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