Nobel Prize-Winning Physicists Giving Award to Beyonce, “Don’t Want Any Trouble, Man”


Recent Nobel Prize in Physics winners Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, and Shuji Nakamura have announced that they are giving their award to Beyonce.

The award was bestowed upon the men for their groundbreaking work in developing the energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly blue light-emitting-diode (LED). Their career of research cleared the way for the creation of white LED lamps for lighting. Due to their efforts, we now have long-lasting and energy-efficient lighting in what has been a fundamental transformation of lighting technology. The LED lamp now promises to increase the quality of life for billions of people around the world who lack access to electricity grids. Low power LED lighting can be powered cheaply by local solar power and typically lasts 100 times longer than incandescent lighting. First world applications can reduce lighting costs significantly, allowing capital to be allocated elsewhere.

But upon reflection, the men decided that despite their decades of work with LED technology, Beyonce deserved the award more than they did. “‘Beyonce’ the album was a bold, personal statement about love, sex and the challenges of a monogamous relationship,” said Nakamura. “It was the No. 2 top-selling record of the year and drew widespread critical acclaim for its dark, intimate themes and accompanying videos,” recounted Akasaki. “And she’s just gorgeous,” added Amano.

The men did not say why they made the decision with what seemed like very little warning. They also did not address the fact that Beyonce has a very limited background in physics. When asked about rumors of possible intimidation by an unknown man, Amano said, “Look, we don’t want any trouble, man.”

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