Valentine Books for  the “Loves” of Your Life

Love comes in all shapes and form. It’s not all about the mushy romance stuff.  Yep, that’s my literary description.  No, sometimes it’s also about the relationships between friends, pets and even our children.  So, a list of books to boost your love life—no matter who you love in your life from HumorOutcasts Press/Shorehouse Books  2014 and early 2015 releases!


Noah_frontcover2NEVER SAY NEIGH:  Meet Noah Vail, author, humorist … and horse. In Never Say Neigh, Noah shares his wise and timely insights (with a little help from his human muse Mary Farr) with the humor and panache that only a clever horse can provide. It all started with a radio, a black plastic squawker that sits on a shelf outside Noah’s room. Now don’t get him wrong. He enjoys a Saint Paul Saints baseball game, or the smooth sounds of a little Nora Jones, but the daily flood of cheerless talk radio gives him migraines. Shrill voices filling the airways with reckless claims make him sweat. While he does not speak lightly about grave issues, Noah feels it’s high time for more fun, positivity and funny–a humorous corrective, so to speak. This Noah operates in a world of horse hilarity. He writes. He travels. He plays cribbage. He falls in love. He dishes on the human condition. He even sounds off on things like hope, trust and the meaning of Valentine’s Day. Noah’s a good news kind of guy who operates on the 100watt side of life. The only thing funnier than his laugh out loud exploits is the fact that the exploits say more about the rest of us than they do about a horse named Noah Vail. This is the second edition of Never Say Neigh and this edition includes a never-before-released Discussion Guide.

ABOVE THE FRIES:  Okay, it’s not a romance, but John Chamberlin LOVES fair play, good driving, Finalbyline2(1)manners and of course, Pittsburgh. So, it’s a love story.  Everything “Pittsburgh” has fries on it…salads, sandwiches whatever! This book is a culmination of silly, stupid and ign’ernt stories of jagoffery from the Pittsburgh blog, For those who are not familiar with term Jagoff, it refers to stupid politicians, awful sports officials, dumb criminals, bad drivers, ignorant people and so on. However, it is not a swear word, and in fact, it is sometimes used as a term of endearment. Through this series of rants about “Jagoffs” from all walks of life, Chamberlin writes with passion about Pittsburgh and his love of “The Steel City,” and he has even developed a cadre of worldwide “YaJagoff Catchers” who submit their own rantings from wherever they live, which he posts on his site. If you live in Pittsburgh, lived in Pittsburgh or just love anything Pittsburgh, this is the book for you!


SCOOTER & SKIPPER BLOW THINGS UP!   For Con Chapman, there is no stronger tie than that which binds a father to his sons. Well, maybe the one that connects sons to their mother, but that’s different. The father-son relationship is one that hums to mystic chords of foolishness and bravado; a mother comes into the room and suddenly a strain in A minor is heard, and it’s time to take a bath and go to bed.
For men like me who grew up without brothers, sons are another chance at a boyhood we never knew; a chance to punch your sibling in the arm and not get double-crossed by a two-timing broad for the first time in your life as your sister yells “Mom—he hit me!” down the stairs after she told you to do it!

These stories are an account of my journey through my sons’ first childhood as I experience my second. I’ve changed my kids’ names to the all-purpose generic monickers “Scooter,” the older of the two, and “Skipper” his younger brother, to protect their innocence. The statute of limitations on what some would call arson is apparently quite long.

These tales of youthful hi-jinx under one dad’s semi-adult supervision will demonstrate for you the truth of the age-old adage:
You’re only young once, but you can remain immature—forever.



SCRIPTURE SCRIBBLES: CARTOONS FROM THE CHOIR LOFT You gotta love FAITH, and this comes through loud and clear with this cartoon gem from Phillip Dillman.  Phillip Dillman is a man of faith, Phillipcovermusic and cartoons. Each Sunday, Dillman sings in his church choir and sketches cartoons about the day’s sermon. Dillman’s scripture scribbles, which are conceptualized and drawn in a span of about 15 minutes, add a humorous twist and perhaps a bit more appreciation to the traditional Bible stories. In case you might think this is a heretical work, think again as the foreword was written by Dillman’s pastor.






Always_Montana_high_resfinalcoverALWAYS, MONTANA and   LOVE, MONTANA  The true epic love story from Deb Martin-Webster . Always, Montana is the sequel to the popular western romance Love, Montana. In this installment, author Deb Martin-Webster reacquaints the reader with the characters who weave the story of Rose and Joe, an epic love that could not be diminished even by death. She also introduces us to new characters who come into Rose’s world and turn it upside down. Twists and turns abound in this tale about the famous Montana Joe and his high-spirited family.




A WALKING SHADOW   from Deborah Fezelle and Sherry Yanow . Nothing says love like a great A Walking Shadow covermurder mystery with a romantic plot thrown in. The sequel to The Evil that Men Do, A Walking Shadow places Nick McDeare, renowned mystery writer and investigative reporter, in the crosshairs of danger. Nick is engaged to marry Broadway star Jessie Kendle New Year’s Eve. But when Nick discovers the sociopath father of Jessie’s son Anthony faked his own death and is conspiring with a Mafia don to kidnap the boy, he races against time to save him. To protect her, Nick keeps Jessie in the dark, a decision he will regret, even as Jessie deals with ominous backstage sabotage from a shocking source. Mysteries multiply within mysteries against the glittering Broadway backdrop. Before it’s over, the spirit of Nick’s brother, a rescue dog, and a NYPD detective all merge with Nick and Jessie in a deadly climax to rescue Anthony from the shadows. But no one is safe–not even when you think it’s over …


welcome to heidiWELCOME TO HEIDI   by Heidi Clements Hey, this book has everything from dating and career advice to Hollywood “Magic.”  If your loved one wants to laugh…  If you ever wondered what 50 would look like on a former alcoholic tattooed shoe addict who eats cake out of her garbage can and secretly prays to her vagina to die on a regular basis – well wonder no more and Welcome to Heidi. This collection of stories culled from over 300 blogs and rewritten for your pleasure will take readers on a journey they never expected and perhaps never knew they wanted to go on.

From dating, to how to tame Jewish hair, getting a pot license at 52, and surviving what is perhaps the worst Hollywood job ever – Welcome To Heidi will remind you to laugh at life’s most inane moments – even when those moments are happening to you.

Welcome To Heidi says everything you wish you could say but can’t and proves that having it all is possible – as long as the “all” is shoes. Take a trip inside the mind of a sarcastic, dysmorphic, slightly mental, completely fashion addicted, single woman who’s trying to live the second half of her life with zero apologies and massive debt.



DIVORCE AFTER DEATH. A WIDOW’S MEMOIR  Concha Alborg didn’t think that anything could hurt her more than the death of her husband from cancer, but hours after his death she learned how wrong she was. Within days of being made a widow, this Spanish College Professor discovered that her marriage and her husband were not what she had envisioned. With a unique point of view, due to her bi-cultural background, and a self-deprecating humor, she takes us on a personal journey. Her strength and determination to build a new life led her down a path that allowed her to reject the veil of widowhood and instead embrace a life of happiness, love and acceptance.



FinalRobin_Stand_Upcover(1)STAND UP AND BE A LADY by Robin Savage.  Hey, stand up comedy is a kind of love!  Stand Up and Be A Lady is a book of essays and short stories written by Robin Savage that range from personal experiences of performing stand up comedy in non-traditional places such as art galleries and nudist resorts to dealing with unidentified excrement on a grocery store floor while shopping with her children. Robin also brings her alter egos, Cathy Gainer and Sienna into the mix in this ever-changing 16 chapters of comedy and weirdness. A portion of the royalties will be donated to the International Essential Tremor Foundation




SUKI by CF Winn  Life offers one guarantee…death. SUKI tells the story of Savannah, an independent goSUKI_BookCover_v4-235x300 getter, who allows fear to keep her from being completely happy, and Dwayne, a softhearted ex-Marine with a talent for creativity. The couple is destined to find each other and carry out a preordained agreement made long before their human feet enter this Earthly plane. Their connection is tangible and their lives easy – until they are presented with one challenge that shakes them to their cores.






eDatingcovereDating the Old School Way by Maura Stone From the author of the comedy, “Five-Star FLEECING,” comes a parody about online dating that’ll make you gasp in laughter and horror at the same time: eDating the Old School Way. Clear, concise and scathing, eDating the Old School Way hysterically cuts to the core and introduces the parade of characters who populate internet dating sites, e.g., catfish, Damaged Goods, the Crazy Lady, zombies and escorts. Novices as well as jaded

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