Promise in ‘Plan B’ by Mary L. Farr – Book Review


Promise in ‘Plan B’ is the first inspirational book that inspired me to finish it. This is because Ms. Farr’s book is more personal than others and not at all pompous; I mean her horse helped write it. She, Mary, not the horse, certainly relates grand success stories, which is good, but Mary Farr truly shines in depicting the mini successes that others have achieved and that we can accomplish as well. This made me feel very good. It is so nice to be told we are not alone and that we don’t have to achieve everything ourselves, there are many avenues to success, and there are many types of fulfillment. And her coauthor, Noah the horse, is funny. Serious talk about overcoming and sidestepping obstacles interspersed with witty, funny writing makes Promise in ‘Plan B’ excellent.

See her book on Amazon.

– Paul R. De Lancey, reviewer

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