Righteous Pope Gives US Sisters His Blessing

Pope_Francis_Malacanang_37Nuns in America are celebrating the news that Pope Francis has halted the Vatican’s crackdown on what it regarded as “radical feminist” groups of nuns in the US who had created a “doctrinal crisis” in the church.

Following a meeting between a delegation of American nuns and the Pontiff in Rome, the purge has been lifted because a “sound doctrinal foundation” is now in place in the United States, according to the Vatican.

“It’s like, awesome,” said Sister Mary-Lou Montana of the Order of Righteous Saint Dudes. “Fran is so cool I can’t stop crying.”

Sister Mary-Lou Montana headed the delegation of American nuns who met with the Pontiff. Pope Francis greeted them warmly, she said, and admired the tattoos of the Pontiff that several nuns sported for the occasion.

“We asked if he has any ink and he just smiled,” said Montana.

Wearing the black hoodie, black baseball cap, and nose ring required by her Order, Sister Mary-Lou Montana said that her sister nuns made a special effort to impress the Vatican committee that had originally imposed the crackdown.

“The Vatican dudes were awesome, they let us park our Harley-Davidsons right outside the Pope’s office. Luckily we’d cleaned our hogs and some of the girls had gotten paint jobs.”

But what inspired her the most, and will remain a lifelong memory, is the Pope’s humility.

“He looked us straight in the eye, said that the crackdown was his bad and us American chicks are now cool. We lit a joint and just hung out. It was like truly righteous,” she said.

Photo: Wikimedia

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