Shots After Midnight

In today’s news a man fends off an armed intruder using only his wife as a weapon.  It was 1:00 AM when the man said he heard a loud crash then footsteps running towards the bedroom.  In his attempt to wake up his wife the thug rushed the man telling him to stay quiet or he’d shoot her.  His wife started to stir when the intruder grabbed the man and placed the gun to his head.

The intruder was dumbfounded by her reaction.  She insisted the intruder to go ahead and shoot him and began ranting about all the things he didn’t do (for her) on his day off.  How he forgot to fuel her car, mow the lawn, clean the garage, help her mother with her shopping, give the dog a bath, etc.  Her rant went on for at least two minutes giving the intruder enough time to escape with her husband as a hostage.

Police quickly caught up with the pair at a local bar having drinks.  When the police asked the man why he didn’t try to escape he said, “This is the first time I’ve had a quiet drink in years.”  The intruder added, “Yeah, and I’m buying!”

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6 thoughts on “Shots After Midnight”

  1. Jill Y keeps talking about marriage… I was starting to come around to her way of thinking…Now Im not! lol. Ah, I’m laughing now…

    1. Don’t do it Bill Y!! It’ll only lead to an imaginary divorce and imaginary alimony!

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