Things Are Changing


You probably thought following the incidents in Baltimore and Ferguson that it’d just be back to business as usual. Nothing would really change in regards to policing. Believing that makes you, unlike me, a total pessimist. Because a recent story out of Baltimore tells me that things are changing.

A while ago an Anne Arundel County (Maryland) police officer was in Baltimore, celebrating Cinco De Mayo. He somehow ended up in the alley behind Loony’s Pub after fondling another guy’s girlfriend. The guy took umbrage and a fight ensued. The aggrieved guy managed to knock the officer to the ground and ended up straddling him.

But did the officer shoot the guy like so many others have done? Nope, he just raised his head and bit the guy’s testicles.

So, even being completely in the wrong and causing the problem in the first place (solid grounds for a shooting), the officer resorted to an innovative, non-fatal technique.

This is the kind of change we can believe in. The officer even ensured that the guy he bit wouldn’t get an infection “down there” because he (the officer) was hammered. The alcohol content in his saliva was so high that it killed off any chance of an infection developing.

I don’t know where Anne Arundel County is, but their police force sounds pretty responsive. They’re leading the way forward. To me, the glass is half-full, even if a lot of that is backwash.

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