Wife Buys Husband Do-It-Yourself Tat Gun. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


A few years ago my wife bought me a gift. It was a workout outfit comprised of a pink headband, two pink wrist-bands, a muscle-t, and a pair of hot pink running shorts that were at least two sizes too small. So I did what any appreciative husband would do – I wore the gag-gift outfit the next time we went to the gym. I noticed people checking me out with furtive glances, always an encouraging event in a gym. Yes, it was somewhat embarrassing. But the fault for that obviously belonged to my wife – if she hadn’t given me the outfit in the first place, none of that would’ve happened.

I thought of that after reading about a guy whose wife gave him a do-it-yourself tattoo gun. The guy did exactly what you’d expect. He got drunk with a buddy and then gave himself a tattoo on his thigh:


In a totally lame move, the wife ignored her responsibility for this inevitable outcome. She got upset and left. Good riddance, say I. No regrets! Because with a little more detail, and maybe some tiny pink shorts, this guy could be sporting an awesome piece of body art.

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8 thoughts on “Wife Buys Husband Do-It-Yourself Tat Gun. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

  1. Ancient wise man say,

    Man who give himself obscene tattoo on thigh NOT TOO LONG in good relationship.

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