Announcing an innovative new exercise recliner

The government and health care associations constantly encourage us to exercise to improve our health. It has been tough to sustain motivation when our recliners offer us a soft place to fall, after an exhausting day working at sedentary jobs.

I believe it is possible to overcome our resistance to exercise by capitalizing on our love of the recliner.

Introducing an innovative new exercise recliner…….the Obamachair.

When I describe this revolutionary chair you may have concerns about affordability. The good news is this phenomenal chair is government subsidized as part of the Affordable Chair Act.

What makes the Obamachair capable of whipping Americans into shape?

Smart chair technology

  • Blue tooth connection to the television requires a certain amount of fidgeting to turn it on and keep it on.
  • Designed with retinal scan so you can’t cheat by enlisting wiggly grandchildren to power the TV, while you recline on the couch eating nachos.

Variety of interesting exercises 

  • With the push of a button a wide grip bar rises to give you access to front and back lateral pull-downs. 
  • The foot rest is designed with adjustable levels of resistance so you can do leg lifts (don’t forget to secure legs with velcro fasteners).
  • Strap your chest into a matching adjustable harness and you are ready to do crunches for a great core workout.
  • Instead of one handle on the chair normally used to raise and lower foot rest, this chair has two slightly longer handles to simulate a rowing machine.


The chair converts into a recumbent bicycle with the verbal command, “Go-Go-Gadget.” There are rumors that Inspector Gadget was part of the design team and is getting a huge cut on the deal, but this is for congress to verify through endless senate hearings.

Once the chair undergoes this amazing transformation, there are options to stay in stationery mode, or release the wheels for an outside cycle. Increased fitness results in decreased health costs, providing a bundle of money to construct safe bike paths in every community, making Obamachair biking accessible to everyone.

Tangible reward system

During your workout you will receive regular messages, encouraging you to exercise long enough to qualify for a chair massage.

WARNING:  After you qualify for the massage you don’t know the exact time it will occur, and you must be present in the chair to win this pleasure. What a disheartening moment when you are in the kitchen stockpiling empty calories, and hear this message proclaimed:  “Game Over, Play Again?” putting you back to square one.

Sustainable exercise with the Obamachair = improved health for all Americans.

What is not to like?

Photo credit: Depositphotos: Copyright: willeecole

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