Could we at least finish summer, first?

September Sixth is the day I first saw Christmas items on the shelf of a local store. September Sixth. Well over a quarter of a year before Christmas.

And yes, I have now been banned from still another store for still another anti-early Christmas tirade, but the jokes on them: They had to clean up after my head exploded.


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5 thoughts on “Could we at least finish summer, first?”

  1. This just won’t end good. No matter what way it plays out, I will never get my Christmas bonus in September.

  2. Anti-Christmas clean up in Aisle 4?!?!? Believe it or not, I was pissed when I saw the guy putting out Halloween stuff in Target yesterday. I just thought,damn could I just have a few more days after Labor Day. After all, it is 92 damn degrees outside.

    1. My reaction exactly. It’s bad enough seeing Halloween stuff at Labor Day, but last year our town’s Dollar General had a Halloween aisle and, right beside it, a Christmas aisle. I mean, come on!

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