Star Wars: Episode VIII Darth Vader v Albi Einstein.

Talking Star Wars with my son is always interesting because I don’t have a son but if Darth Vader was still around and Albi Einstein was still around, it would probably go down like this.


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6 thoughts on “Star Wars: Episode VIII Darth Vader v Albi Einstein.”

  1. I always yearn to be a part of these conversations, but I feel like that broken Death Star in the corner. But maybe Albi would find me cute, since he’s wearing the standard middle aged guy outfit.

    1. I think you’re attracted to Albi’s power. Remind me to get back to you on that broken death star in the corner.

  2. The F is strong in this one (where F = dp/dt as measured in SI units).

    (Bill Y, this post is mind-blowingly great. You have outdone yourself.)

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