A Letter to Hurricane Jose

Dear Jose:

May I call you Jose?

Thank you for staying mostly out to sea and only sending us some relatively wimpy wind and rain. Your cousins Harvey and Irma leveled east Texas, a good swath of the Caribbean and most of Florida. It’s going to take people a long time to clean up the mess, and some of the poorer, less hurricane-proofed areas, such as some of the Caribbean islands, might not recover at all.

I acknowledge the fact that tropical cyclones blow around according to laws of physics and that global warming is stirring up more and more of you. That said, did THREE of you have to come, one after another, including one wimp (i.e. you) and two killers? And did you have to tag along right after Irma, hit the Caribbean again and make people as far north as New York and New England nervous? Shame on you.

I’m happy that all we will get here in New York are some riptides, some storm surge, a churned up Atlantic Ocean, high wind and rain. People will have to stay indoors and watch for flooding in some areas, but at least you won’t be tearing roofs off houses, throwing dangerous things around and uprooting things. We would appreciate it if you would refrain from knocking down any trees and power lines.

Oh yes … We all know how much you love making U-turns out there in the ocean. Don’t make another one, please. Just stay out there, head further northeast, and die, like a good cyclone.


Kathy Minicozzi
Who is happy to live on high ground in The Bronx, away from the ocean

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