Are dogs aware of their breed?

Can a Doberman think, “Shit, where are all the Pinscher’s in this country? We’re letting in too many French Poodles. Snobs. Can’t even put ketchup on my food around them.”

I wonder if a Pug sees a Bulldog and thinks, “Sure, he looks like me, but make no mistake, Bulldogs are lazy slobs that don’t work and abuse their puppies.”

“I’m voting for a Pug next year.”

Is there really any difference between a Pug and a Bulldog? Aren’t they just different sizes of the same squashed face?

They are different BREEDS.

This would make dogs racist – or breedist.

Abraham Lincoln famously said, “Achievement has no breed.”

Okay, he said “colour” instead of “breed”, and he was talking about people.

But still, it gives breedist dogs something to think about.

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