HOPress Highlights Talented Moms Dorothy Rosby and Margie Cherry for Mother’s Day

As the most important holiday of the year approaches—yes, Mother’s Day—there is no holiday more important. It would behoove you not to argue with this premise.  Who doesn’t love a mother? Not sure of what to get the woman who molded you into the person you are? If flowers and booze are not on her list, think about some fun books. And this is where HOPress can help. We have two books that demonstrate the sacrifice and love mothers embrace so that their families might thrive. Okay, these mothers also embrace sarcasm and wit but that makes them even better in the MOM world.  Please check out these funny and heartwarming books from two of the funniest, and talented Moms I know.


First up:  I Didn’t Know You Could Make Birthday Cake from Scratch: Parenting Blunders from Cradle to Empty Nest by syndicated columnist and author Dorothy Rosby 

Book Description: I Didn’t Know You Could Make Birthday Cake from Scratch is the book for every parent who ever stuck a candle in a peanut butter sandwich and called it birthday cake. Or ever tried to crowd source her child’s braces. Or ever told her child to shut up and be quiet so she could finish reading a parenting magazine. It’s the little book of big parenting blunders, from cradle to empty nest, that will make other moms and dads feel really good about themselves.

About the Author:  A sought after humor speaker, Rosby began her career as a columnist 20 years ago for the Rapid City Journal. Her column has since expanded and is read in eleven Western and Midwestern states. Rosby has been recognized by the National Federation of Press Women, the South Dakota Federation of Press Women and the South Dakota Newspaper Association.  While she writes on many topics, her life with her husband and son, who now serves in the U.S. army, has always been a popular subject.


“I’m the poster child for the sandwich generation,” explained Rosby. “I understand that imperfect families are normal families. My mother and my son were 80 years apart, so I was raising my son and caring for my mother while working full time. Perfection wasn’t an option.

“My family doesn’t object about being included in my humor columns, and if they do, they’re not saying. But I don’t think I place them in a negative light.” Rosby says she tries more often to make herself the object of the joke. “I think my love for my family comes through loud and clear and it’s laughing at myself and my imperfections that makes my writing relatable.”


Our second Mother’s Day book:  Mom’s Comedy Coloring Book: Cuz’ Why Should Our Kids Have All The Fun? By humorist, author and artist Margie Cherry.


Book Description: Why is this coloring book different than all other coloring books?

Most adult coloring books just promise to zone you out. THIS coloring book takes that relax-you-factor and adds:
LAUGHTER, with its cocktail of happy chemicals (like dopamine and endorphins) to boost your mood and your immune system… AND mixes in a healthy dose of:
CREATIVITY to flex your brain and re-energize you with the adrenaline-rush of creating your own comedy!


It’s like sipping a glass of Chardonnay AND doing shots of espresso at the same time!


About the Author:  When Cherry gave birth to two daughters in the early 1990’s, she had no idea that her new family would be the impetus behind her “Mom-Com” movement then, and now the inspiration of the newly released Mom’s Comedy Coloring Book. Cherry, a career counselor, realized that her stress at being a new mom 20 years ago was a stress that all moms experienced so she sought to help alleviate that stress through comedy and art.

“I began drawing “The Art of Motherhood” cartoon which appeared in several publications and four anthologies that led to my stand-up “Momedy” act and then my Mom’s Comedy Workshops,” Cherry explained.  “What started as a way to maintain my sanity helped lots of other new moms maintain their sanity as well. In the workshops, I was able to teach moms how to deal with the stresses of parenthood by creating comedy. Nothing is more healing than humor. Cherry’s work garnered a great deal of attention from moms, dads and even grandparents, but she notes that she was way ahead of the trend.

“When I hung up my pen and ink and returned to school, blogging was in its infancy. Motherhood as a pop culture phenomenon was not yet a thing. Five years later, 23 million moms burst onto the blogging scene writing about the same angst that I tackled originally with my cartoons and stand-up. And today, as a career counselor dealing with working moms, I can attest that the stresses are still the same, if not even more intense. That’s why it was important for me to get out Mom’s Comedy Coloring Book. Moms need stress relief now more than ever.”

Both books are available on Amazon.com and other fine online retailers and in select bookstores as well.



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