“I don’t really think, I just walk.” – Paris Hilton

Wednesday evening was not a good evening. On Wednesday evening, I received an email from Bill Spencer about a New York Times article about Bon Jovi being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Below is that email from Bill. Below that is my response to the email from Bill and below that is the quintessential picture of what I want for Christmas…

I’m so, so sorry, my friend.

Take care of yourself,


Hey Bill,

To me, it was only a matter of time before he was inducted into Hall of Fail.
If Nina Simone wasn’t lying down right now, she would not take this lying down.
The thought of someone mentioning Bon Jovi in the same sentence as Nina Simone is almost too much to take but only almost.
Surely it’s now only a matter of time before Nickleback join Bon Jovi in failing?
Will I sleep tonight?
Probably not.
Will I wake up tomorrow, stronger and more determined to rid this world of such vermin?
I hope so.
Thirsty Dave wants to hit the bars tonight and so do I.
I need to drown my sorrows as I cannot drown Bon Jovi because of the restraining orders and whatnot.

Here’s to better days, Bill.
Here’s to better days.

Bill Y “The Legend” Ledden


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4 thoughts on ““I don’t really think, I just walk.” – Paris Hilton”

    1. I may appear calm Don Don’s but I did ask Jill Y to marry me just so I could divorce her. She’s knows me well enough to know I am not myself during these massively troubling times.

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