New Name for the Far Wrong

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Extreme conservatives or those on the alt-wrong (I refuse to call them the alt-RIGHT) have settled on certain derogatory slang terms to describe Democrats, including butt-sore liberals, libtards, snowflakes, and cucks (this last term derived by some completely unintelligible process from “cuckold”).

These all-white people (I mean alt-white people) are mad as hell at liberals and in fact at anyone who doesn’t unquestioningly worship their cult leader, popular vote loser Donald Trump.

That’s why there was so much violence at Trump rallies during the campaign. Trump devotees were just itching to punch the nearest protester. And they in fact did punch anti-Trumpers at rallies in Tucson, Birmingham, and at two different rallies in my home state of North Carolina: one in Fayetteville and one in Asheville in which a Trump disciple socked a protesting “snowflake,” who just happened to be a 69-year-old woman on oxygen.

It’s my opinion that all those cultists who didn’t get the chance to sock protestors in the face were sorely disappointed. In my view, what all those who still support Not-My-President Trump want to bewhat they indeed aspire to be as a groupis a big bunch of violent, mindless . . . cuck sockers.

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4 thoughts on “New Name for the Far Wrong”

  1. I think you’ve perfectly and massive succinctly described the voice of America, Bill.

    1. I used to suffer from nightmares when I was asleep; now I suffer from nightmares when I wake up.

  2. I love alt-wrong! I was thinking since the East is to the about Easte-er Bunnies. But since I live in the East, it may be a problem. Any way cuck sockers, works for me or good old-fashioned suckers comes to mind!

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