There are no Alternatives……

I turned 60 this week, let’s reflect on that:

  1. The good news is I was here to see it, the bad news is I am NOT READY to be 60!!!
  2. I noticed I don’t hear so well. I’m sure my family noticed this a long time ago. But now the TV sounds like it did when my Nana lived with me. The neighbors at the end of the block know when I’m watching Hallmark movies instead of working.60-card60-card-2
  3. I debate every day whether to wear that sample of ‘smooth-lining,  Always full-panty protection’ if I’m going somewhere where there is no bathroom for hours (think Women’s March).
  4. I battle between drinking coffee and wine every day. Then I whine between drinking water and herbal damn tea.
  5. I have so many great ideas by breakfast, and forget all of them by lunch.
  6. I still want to wear stilettos but my feet, back and ankles want me to wear serviceable shoes. ” But look at my feet!” I tell them, “they’re soooo cute!”
  7. No one listens to me…not even my feet.
  8. Tweezers are my new best friend.
  9. I hate Windows 10 and I want to kill it.
  10. In my birthday pics next to my Mom, who is still here to celebrate 60 with me, I see how much I look like her…….and realize how much I act like
  11. A “grateful check” can be anything from my amazing husband, great friends and wonderful family to I-remembered-to-buy-toilet-paper!
  12. My brother now tells me that telling people they can have their dreams is stupid…but none of my dreams include physical activity, so I’m still good!
One Good Reason to Love 60!
One Good Reason to Love 60!

And as I wrote that last one…………….the FedEx guy came to my door and delivered this, from that same brother!  Oh and yeah, that is me at iFly indoor skydiving….so, I guess I might be ready for 60!

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22 thoughts on “There are no Alternatives……”

  1. I think it was Ogden Nash who said “You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely”.

  2. What Roxanne said about having what you’re having. Because, girlfriend, you are really rockin’ 60! Wow and double wow. Skydiving indoors? Do it twice, once for me. And what WAS that gift from your brother? Hmm. One more thing…..LOVE YOU!!!

  3. I love the idea of skydiving…indoors. I’d love to do it outdoors if I could land in water! I still have a few more years…I cannot imagine being 60, but I couldn’t imagine 30, 40, or 50 either!

    1. Well, Tam you are leading the way with adventures at any age. I’m taking a page out of your book, for sure. I can’t wait to see what you’re doing as a sexagenarian!

    1. Okay…but I got into some trouble in “Showering With Nana” and porn sights. Not sure “Who Moved My Teeth?” would be much better. We must tread very lightly, Publisher Extraordinaire!

  4. I am not far behind you and I have to say you make sixty look fabulous! Sexagenarian sounds pretty fabulous too! Happy birthday and best wishes for a beyond blessed year!

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