HOPress HumorOutcasts Radio – Interview with Molly Stevens and Perry Block About Baby Boomers!

If you have a moment to just sit back and enjoy a fun podcast, well then we have an episode for you.

As a first for me with HumorOutcasts.com I recently interviewed two authors together in one interview, each with their own separate books, in order to give them an opportunity to contrast ideas and to react to one another. It was a fun time!

Molly Stevens

My guests were Molly Stevens who is the author of, “Boomer on the Ledge” and Perry Block who is the author of “Nouveau Old, Formerly Cute.” The central topic of the program is “Baby Boomers” and how the youth generation of the 1960s fits into contemporary society.

I found Molly to have a calm and analytic sensibility and Perry to have a nervous energy supercharged with a dry-wit delivery. The overall combination of these personalities as we covered any number of societal subjects was very entertaining and enlightening.

Perry Block

You can find Molly’s and Perry’s past individual podcast interviews here on HumorOutcasts.com under the podcast tab located at the upper right of the site.

The Molly and Perry interview and discussion is available below right at the bottom of this post.  For your convenience the interview is also available on most of the major podcasting platforms including iTunes Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. It can also be accessed on TuneIn through your Amazon Alexa streaming device.The episode is titled on these services as:


“HOPress HumorOutcasts Molly Stevens and Perry Block Interview – Baby Boomers”

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