If it was easy

Well, this morning’s run hit all the high notes. By high notes I mean some of those things that really, really “bug” me (see below) when I run.

Today it was the three H’s. Heat, humidity, and hills!

I run early mornings in the summer to escape the heat. This morning the heat won. It was already in the 70’s by the time I got to the trail and the humidity was on its way to the 80’s. Yuck.

So I chose one of my alternate routes on the trails through a wooded park in a fruitless attempt to mitigate the heat. While the shade was a benefit, speaking of things that “bug” me the bugs were not. No more had I started to sweat (took about 2 minutes) than the deer flies decided they needed some salt to get ready for their daily assault on any living animal. That means they were after my sweat and boy, did they come after it. I think I actually swallowed a couple of them (that’ll teach them).

All of which was compounded by the fact that this particular trail through the woods is HILLY. There is nothing quite like compounding an already hard run with the extra effort to climb hills. All things considered, it was a really, really slow run but as the saying goes “A slow run is better than no run”.

So I did have a great workout.

The good news is “I lost 3 pounds”. The bad news “I’ll gain it back”.

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