Mary Farr Speaks About the Path to Healing in the New Edition of her Acclaimed Book If I Could Mend Your Heart

Shorehouse Books (HOPress-Shorehouse Books) is proud to launch the new edition of If I Could Mend Your Heart by Mary Farr with illustrations by Hannah Farr.  An earlier design and publication of this book fell short of the author’s goals, a fact that prompted Mary to republish with added material and a more tasteful format. Today Mary and her niece Hannah Farr have completely re-designed If I Could Mend Your Heart. We have worked together to bring this wonderful message to life, as it is one that holds real meaning for all of us. Any reviews posted before August 9, 2017 apply to the earlier edition.

Life offers plenty of rewards, adventures and opportunities. It also presents us with setbacks and challenges. Eventually, we all must come to terms with loss. In a new edition of her acclaimed book, If I Could Mend Your Heart (Shorehouse Books, 2017), St. Paul author and retired pediatric hospital chaplain Mary Farr walks readers through sorrow and back to a path toward whole-hearted living.

Farr comes to this thorny topic of grief from her years of experience as a hospital chaplain listening to the needs of families, children, healthcare workers and caregivers as they faced difficult life moments.

“Years ago, when I was training to become a hospital chaplain, my supervisor offered a startling observation,” noted Farr. “You will learn that the art of caring for another during the times of grief have little to do with a job description and everything to do with the interruptions. This book is about those interruptions.”  

If I Could Mend Your Heart is a small book with a big message about healing and how we show up and support one another in our troubles. The illustrations by Hannah Farr, niece of the author, offer images from Minnesota’s’ Boundary Waters Canoe Area that transport readers to a small quiet walk filled with authentic words of inspiration and loving kindness.

“I want this book to be a meaningful gift when no words can completely express our care and concern,” Farr explained. “One does not need to be a hospital chaplain to know that we are all invited to walk one another home when the night looks and feels completely dark.”

The fifth inspirational book by Farr, If I Could Mend Your Heart is available on Amazon in print and eBook format. Farr will be speaking throughout the country about grieving, healing and a reason to hope. Follow Mary Farr on Facebook and check out her website (  for speaking and book info.   For information about speaking engagements or special-price book purchases for your organization,

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Mary I. Farr, BA, MAT

Teaches and Inspires, audiences to listen, grow, and celebrate large and small

Expertise In

Health, wellbeing and being well


Loss and grief

Spiritual growth

Care for the Caregiver

Humor and healing

About Mary Farr

A longtime pediatric hospital chaplain, author, and health care marketing executive, Mary speaks from 30 years of experience at the bedside and on the frontlines of health care leadership. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Arts degree, she completed divinity studies in the Episcopal Diocese of Eau Claire where she was ordained to the permanent diaconate.

Mary earned a Master of Arts degree in Theology from St. Catherine University and completed post graduate experience with: Poynter Institute of Journalism; Uniprise Leadership Academy (United Health Group); United and Children’s Hospitals Minnesota medical ethics committees; Harvard School of Mind Body Medicine; Harvard School of Spirituality and Healing; Hospital-based Critical Incident Stress Management; Cultural Competency in the Health Care Setting; Daring Way™ Intensive.

Mary has authored five books highlighting wholehearted living. Her speaking engagements have included diverse groups including Hazelden Betty ford Foundation, Twin Cities Parish Nurse Ministry, and Augsburg College Conference on Mind Body Medicine.

Program Information based on “Wholehearted living in a World of Conflict”

  1. The Promise in Plan B

Format: 60 Minute Keynote


  • Health and wellness professionals and clients
  • Grief and bereavement groups
  • Individuals in major life transitions
  • Retirees


  • Recognizing one’s capacity to heal and thrive
  • Tools for discovering assets that support personal growth
  • Guidelines for getting unstuck


  1. Success an Inner Process Toward Worthy Goals

Format: 60-75 Minute Workshop or Breakout Session


  • Nurses experiencing burnout
  • Physicians experiencing burnout
  • Work teams experiencing burnout
  • Individuals in personal and/or professional transition


  • An enlightened understanding of success
  • Courage and tools for wholehearted living
  • Methods for identifying and growing one’s authentic self


  1. Don’t Postpone Joy, the Art of Self-Care

Format: 60- 90 Minute Workshop or Breakout Session


  • Health care leaders
  • Nurse managers
  • Hospice care professionals
  • Long-term care professionals
  • Grief and Loss groups


  • Tools for celebrating large and small
  • Guidelines for forgiveness
  • Tips for judging less
  • A deeper understanding of the need to belong

Career Speaking and Teaching: 30 years across a broad range of clients;


Travels from Saint Paul, Minnesota

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