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SPARKS BRIEF: U.S. and North Korea Make a Spicy Deal

June 12, 2018

Singapore –  North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump just made history by signing a historic document starting the two leaders on a joint venture.

In an astounding press conference, following a three-hour one-on-one meeting, Trump announced Kim will open his first Korean barbecue restaurant in the Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.

“This is a historic event and big deal for two major world powers. Every problem can be solved over a succulent piece of marinated beef, and we’re going to be shoving it down Washington’s throat.” Trump boasted.

Kim joined Trump on the podium carrying a platter of short ribs, brisket and pork belly. Look at my little North Korean,” Trump said proudly. I can’t wait for guests of the Trump Hotel, to dig into this Asian meat stuff.”.

“We wish the American devil, many happy meals at my new place of eating,” Kim’s translator told the press.

Kim’s aides were on hand to reveal the new restaurant’s name – DonKim Rocket Man Korean BBQ.  The logo features a giant beef rib impaling the United States Capitol Building which is drowning the Senate in a spicy sauce.

A crowd of journalists erupted in questions about denuclearization, sanctions and human rights violations. Trump and Kim ignored questions. They talked about the menu, and Dennis Rodman, who’s the new restaurant’s spokesperson.

“We’ll worry about nuclear weapons and all that kind of crap another time. I just made a huge deal here. Nobel Prize.” Trump said.

“I told Dennis to spread a message, “Pigskin can do more than cover balls. Yum!” Kim said.

Joe Slant, a Fox News Reporter asked what type of grill would be used in the D.C. establishment.

“We will use gas at every table,” Kim shared.

“This is going to be something like you’ve never seen, believe me,” Trump said. “Korean Barbecue will be exploding all over the country, and you have the Donald to thank.”



Vince G. Sparks

Vince G. Sparks, freelance writer, and avid reader is a genetically creative person with a talent for expressing the written word. Vince has a background in communications, public relations, and journalism. Also, he spent many years in human resources navigating corporate America. He masterminds the blog Sparks Ignites, where he shares his “slice of life” stories and social commentary with insight, humor, and extra-dry wit. He’s been published in the Elephant Journal online magazine, with two articles selected as Editor’s Picks. He is a member of South Jersey Writers Group Board of Trustees. For more and to stay connected visit him on social media and his website

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